There will be an Information Evening in Limerick on the 21st March in the Castletroy Park Hotel.  Members will be notified.

Information Event Dublin 22nd February 2018

There was an information event for Members in the Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street,  Dublin 1 on Thursday 22nd February 2018.  This event featured the GDPR, and updates on legislation around the sector including the Residential Tenancies Acts and Housing Standards for Rented Housing Regulations.

Information Evening 25th January 2018

An information evening was held in Cork on the 25th January for IPOA members.   The members present were updated on the Residential Tenancies Act including Rent Pressure Zones, Equal Status Acts and a brief outline was given around Data Protection.  Séan McSweeney from MC2 Accountants gave an outline of Taxation including inheritance situations and companies vs individual.  A very informative event.

AGM Held in Red Cow Hotel

The 2016 AGM was held in the Red Cow Hotel on the 18th October 2017.  It was a very informative evening with two specialist speakers on Tax.  The members present were very impressed with the speakers on the night and went home with a better understanding of Taxation.

Limerick Seminar

An Information Evening was held in Limerick on the 6th  April  in the Castletroy Park Hotel.  Updates were given on compliance with the Residential Tenancies Acts and the Housing Standards Regulations which change on the 1st July.  It was a well attended event with delegates asking numerous questions.

Cork Seminar

A  seminar was held in Cork on the 8th March for IPOA members.  Members were updated on the recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Acts and the Housing Standards for Rented Houses Regulations coming into effect on the 1st July 2017.  Over 100 landlords attended.
There was a lengthy questions and answers session as a result of  complexity of the legislation.

Information February 2017

An Information Evening  was held on Wednesday 22nd February  for members in the Red Cow Moran Hotel with 235  property owners in attendance.

Updates were given on the sector in general with special attention given to the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations  2017 and the amendments to the Residential Tenancies Acts around rent control and compliance .  The property owners present  expressed their shock on hearing the significance and severity of legislation introduced over the past few months.

Addressing the meeting, Rosalind Carroll, Director of the Residential Tenancies Board and Janette Fogarty, Assistant Director, detailed the changes and new requirements brought in for the private rental sector. Their clear analysis sent shock waves through the room when it was explained that landlords now have to go by a strict legislative formula to get rent set and adjusted.

Information Evening  - Access to Finance

The meeting held in the House of Lords Room of Bank of Ireland on the 14th April 2016 was informative and worthwhile to the  IPOA Members in attendance.

Information Meeting in Dublin March 2016

The  information meeting held in the Gresham Hotel  on the 16th March was attended by over 200 accommodation providers.  Topics included the Equality (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2015 and how it affects landlords, recent changes in the Residential Tenancies Acts,  and an update on the water situation.

Our Guest Speaker was  Maeve Hogan CEO of the Property Services Regulatory Authority.

Information Evening In Limerick February 2016

There was an information evening in the Castletroy Park Hotel in Limerick on the 23rd February.    This was a well attended meeting with over 120 landlords.  Held in the O’Brien Suite, with Guest Speaker Maeve Hogan CEO of the Property Services Regulatory Authority.   An update was given on recent changes in the Residential Tenancies Acts, Standards in private rental accommodation and water charges.  Different forms of letting were also discussed.

Information Evening 1st December 2015 Cork

An information meeting was held in Cork on the 1st December in the Hayfield Manor Hotel.  This was well attended and updated the members present on the issues that affected the members, including Water Charges and Ministers Kelly’s proposals changing the notice periods,   changing the periods for varying rent etc.

AGM November 4th, 2015

The AGM was held in the Red Cow Hotel on the 4th November.  The necessary legalities were dealt with in a fast, efficient manner including the approval of the minutes and financial statement, and the election of the Committee Members.  The Chairman gave his report on the work of the Association , meetings attended and media coverage.  The Guest Speaker on the evening was Anne Marie Caulfield the Director of the PRTB.  She gave a comprehensive report on the work of the PRTB, Tenants and Landlords rights and obligations and details from recent surveys.

Information Evening Wednesday 1st July 2015

There was an IPOA members’ information Evening in Cork on Wednesday 1st July in the Hayfield Manor Hotel.  Members were notified by post with reminders by email.  Issues that were discussed on the evening included water charges and the new legislation affecting the charge, proposed rent control, updates on the Residential Tenancies Act and general information around the market.  It was a well attended meeting with plenty of information relevant to Landlords outlined on the night.

Information Evening: Wednesday 17th June 2015

An information evening was held on  Wednesday 17th June, in Wynn’s Hotel; members were notified by post.  The meeting featured information on water charges, proposed rent control, Local Authority Leasing opportunities, with updates on banking difficulties and capital taxation on asset disposal.

Information Evening – Negotiation with Banks

There was an Information Evening for people negotiating with the banks or who may have to negotiate with the banks at a future date on Tuesday, 16th December at 7pm. The venue was the Ashtown Business Centre, Navan Road, Dublin 15.

The guest speaker on the evening was Tom Murray from Friel Stafford. Tom is one of Ireland’s best known insolvency practitioners. He is a registered Personal Insolvency Practitioner, being one of the initial 14 authorised by ISI. He has also acted as Receiver on behalf of most of the major financial institutions in the Country. An ACCA qualified accountant, he is a past president of ACCA Ireland, and is currently a member of their Global Council. As well as Insolvency, he also works in the areas of Forensic Accounting, Expert Witness and Corporate Finance.

Tom gave a presentation on the first 12 months of the personal insolvency regime, how it is being implemented and how the majors creditors are responding. He also discussed the growing market for direct negotiation with bankers and the restructuring approaches been taken by the major banks. Members present found it very informative.

Members Meeting in Cork

An Information Evening was held in the Hayfield Manor Hotel in Cork on the 12th November 2014. Our guest speaker on the night was Paul O’Donoghue, Head of Customer Operations, in Irish Water who was
also accompanied by Noeleen McHenry. Paul gave a very comprehensive outline on the responsibility of landlords in respect of water charges. He categorically stated that provided that Irish Water had the name of the tenant, there would be no liability to the owner of the property. Under data protection, landlords can give Irish Water the names of their tenants. (This meeting was prior to the Minister Kelly’s new regime attempting to make landlords responsible.) There was an excellent questions and answers session with Paul, and members left the meeting understanding the situation at that time.

Members present were also updated on the Housing Standards for Rented Houses, the work of the Debt Committee, the proposed Deposit Protection Scheme, and the proposals and work carried out by the
Association. Members were given information on the proposed amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act, the Housing Assistance Payment, and the extension of the Home Renovation Incentive Scheme to private
rental properties. The IPOA’s new fixed term lease was also discussed. It was a very well attended evening.

10th September 2014

There was a members meeting on the 10th September 2014 in Griffith College.  The Guest speakers were Paul O’Donoghue Irish Water, and Pat Smith CEO Irish Farmers Association.   It was a well attended meeting and members present were in a position to gain valuable information on how the water charges are being introduced.


Meeting for Members Negotiating with Banks 23rd July 2014

There was a meeting for member negotiating with their banks on Wednesday, the 23rd July at 7pm in the IPOA Building, Ashtown Business Centre, Navan Road, Dublin 15.

The Guest Speakers were Nick Leeson, who has considerable experience in dealing with debt and banking generally and Padraic Dempsey, Dempsey Financial Solutions.  Practical advice and useful tips were given on the evening.

The meeting was limited to 50 members and there was no charge for attendance. The information provide was excellent and members present shared their experience and treatment at the hands of the banks. Members in attendance left the meeting more informed on their own situation and also other members situations.


Report on Information Evening 22nd January 2014

The IPOA held an Information Evening on the 22nd January in the Red Cow Moran Hotel. In view of the importance of standards in rental accommodation, Colm Smyth from Dublin City Council was present and gave a clear and detailed presentation on the minimum standards
acceptable in private rental accommodation.  He outlined the procedures around inspections and the correspondence that would be issued where a property was found to be non-compliant.  Prosecution can lead to a fine of up to €5,000, or up to 6 months custodial sentence. Some of the statistics around inspections were outlined including:-

• Approximately 12% of properties were compliant on first inspection.
• A further 70% were compliant on second inspection.
• The remaining 18% were for prosecution, were selling or waiting for tenants to leave before action can be taken.
• There are 84,000 rental properties in Dublin City Council’s area, and they are targeting problem areas.
• The Council inspected 3,500 properties in 2012, and re-inspected just 2,000.

The Chairman gave an update on the situation around the proposed Custodial Deposit Scheme and the work carried out by the IPOA.  A document was given to the members present with points to use while lobbying their politicians.  The crucial importance of this was emphasised.  Information was given on the Housing Assistance Payment and also on the proposed amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act.  The Chairman thanked the members for completing the SEAI/IPOA BER Survey.