IPOA Newsletter

Members of the Irish Property Owners Association believe that keeping up to date on what is going on in the market is essential to running their property in an efficient and professional manner.

Legislation is amended regularly and landlords need to ensure that they are compliant. The IPOA newsletter which is sent to all members in the post allows members to read at their leisure and keep up to date on their obligations and the obligations of their tenants. It also details meetings and submissions made by the Association on behalf of the members.

The newsletter is a professionally printed, full colour publication with valuable information on developments, updates and news.

The newsletter is sent to property owner members, industry colleagues and associates nationwide.

Members receive current newsletters, if you would like to receive the current newsletters, join the Association.

Below are some samples of historic newsletters.

2017 December IPOA Newsletter

2017 July IPOA Newsletter

2016 December IPOA Newsletter

2016 July IPOA Newsletter

2015 December IPOA Newsletter

2015 June IPOA Newsletter

2014 December IPOA Newsletter

2014 July IPOA Newsletter

2013 December IPOA Newsletter

2013 July IPOA Newsletter

2012 December IPOA Newsletter

2012 July IPOA Newsletter

2011 December IPOA Newsletter