Membership Information

With a vast and growing membership the IPOA is truly representative of Irish property owners (landlords) across the board.

The IPOA offers a one stop shop of advice and assistance. Frequent questions are how to deal with situations like:-

  • Tenants not paying rent
  • Tenants continually paying rent late
  • Terminating Tenancies correctly as per legislation
  • Breach of legislation
  • Anti-social behaviour
    • Tenants having parties
    • Tenants creating noise nuisance
    • Tenants disturbing neighbours
  • Disputes
  • Registration difficulties

Through its local and regional organisation, members can access a network of other providers of rented accommodation.

The IPOA provides newsletters detailing changes and up to date information on the private property owner‘s rental market. Emails are sent regularly keeping members abreast of legislation and statutory instruments.

Meetings are held regularly to keep members updated on matters affecting the business.

The IPOA is constantly updating landlords and its website with information and breaking news.

Through being part of a large and united national organisation you can make sure that your concerns are heard and acted upon. The IPOA has a large database of information and advice for your assistance, is on the Department of Environment’s mailing list and is regularly updated on government planning and thinking in areas affecting our members.

The IPOA can voice your concerns in advance of legislation or other proposals.

Lobbying is conducted by the IPOA at all levels including Government. We monitor legislation which is in the pipeline and which may impact negatively on the residential rental sector.

The IPOA is part of the U.I.P.I., an international body representing European property owners. We keep a close eye on European Union Directives which will impact on the future rental sector.

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