Property Grading Scheme

The PG Scheme is bourn out of a desire for the IPOA to provide a categorisation and classification scheme for its members’ rental accommodation. It represents a voluntary self-assessment scheme for members which will lead to a formalised and recognised form of customer assurance, strengthening the standing of the IPOA members and their properties.

It is a structure which will be based on minimum standards as set out in legislation which all property owners are obliged to abide by. The IPOA are simply formalising the necessity to apply certain standards to private rental accommodation and providing a stamp of approval which will become widely recognised and associated with quality assurance.

The scheme is based on the physical standards prevailing in the premises, the quality of the furnishings and the level of customer comfort. Whether or not a premises has a particular facility is an objective fact, it is not a matter of opinion. The combination of facilities required to qualify for a particular classification is fixed, and must be understood by the proprietor, in relation to his/her self-assessment.

Initially the scheme will comprise a basic standard entitled PG1 – PG being Property Grade. The standard represents minimum standards as set out by legislation. We propose that this is extended during 2006 to implement 2 further standards; PG2 Superior and PG3 Premier. A concise explanation of the requirements for the classification will be presented to all members in 2006. It is then up to the individual property owner to apply to the IPOA for classification which will be based on a self-assessment guaranteed in writing by the owner. On examination of the self assessment a grade will be applied and a certificate and supporting printed material provided for display on premises. Each unit must be classified separately according to a detailed list of facilities. If the facilities provided are not of acceptable quality, the premises will not be classified at all. Quality will determine whether the premises is suitable for classification. Unacceptable quality will result in a refusal to classify.

An experienced assessor will carry out monitoring from time to time.

The Property Grade Scheme will provide a level of assurance and quality for the Property Owner and will help to protect against the slandering which is prevalent against property owners.

We hope that our members will comply and look forward to bringing the organisation a step closer towards protecting its members and proving that we provide a quality, compliant service which should in turn be rewarded by financial gains.