Press Releases 2006

Property Investors Call on Government to Help End Homelessness

Landlord’s Organisation (IPOA) Launches “Home for Christmas” Fund

Estate Agents React to Forthcoming Buildings Directive

People in Green Houses

Property Owners Beware! What Will Our Soon To Be Energy Rated Properties Cost Us?

Minister Calls for a Comprehensive Energy Policy

Minister to Open Major Conference on Energy Efficiency and Property

PRTB Continues to Scapegoat Property Owners for Its Lack of Progress


A major one-day event on energy efficiency in investment property

The Irish Property Owners Association Condemns D4 Rental Scam

The IPOA Await the Facts on Recent Allegations

T he Irish Property Owners Association (IPOA)
for immediate release
8th June 2006

PRTB Continues to Scapegoat Property Owners for Its Lack of Progress

Despite an announcement today by the Private Residential Tenancies Board
that it is providing an excellent and improving service to the private
rental sector, property owners in Ireland are experiencing quite the

Almost two years in existence, the PRTB continues to experience
substantial administrative problems to the detriment of property owners nationwide.

While property owners endeavour to comply with the registration process
they in return get unanswered phone calls, e-mails and queries and a
general silence from the PRTB. The PRTB office is only manned in
mornings, resulting in a massive delay and backlog and a dire lack of information
provision, the core function of the Board and essential for its
effectiveness. The current shortfall of unregistered rental properties
with the Board does not allow for vacant properties, difficulties in getting
tenants to co-operate and alternative forms of letting agreements that
may be in place. If investigated, these factors would bring the shortfall
amount down significantly.

There is still a substantial delay in the administering of the accepted
registrations – in many cases, up to 6 or 8 months, during which time
some tenancies may have changed. These delays seem to imply that many
property owners have not yet registered, whereas in fact, the backlog has meant
the Board has not actually processed their registration. Thus, the local
authorities are denied the funding necessary to carry out inspections, a
process which still remains nonexistent.

The dispute resolution mechanism, the heart of the legislation, has
proved a disaster and has led to demand for the return of the old resolution
procedure i.e. the courts. There is still a number of cases queuing up
to be dealt with and of the 230 cases with determination orders issued,
only 11 are before the courts for enforcement. At a meeting in Cork last
night, Stephen Faughnan, Chairman of the IPOA outlined the tribunal’s
decisions as legally unsound and pointing towards unqualified decisions on legal

Property owners are being scapegoated for the intense shortcomings of a
government appointed administrative mess. IPOA members continue to be
intensely dissatisfied with the workings of the PRTB and the Association
will carry on to endeavour to highlight this quandary and demand
improvement in the process.

for immediate release
1st June 2006

The IPOA present
A major one-day event on energy efficiency in investment property

Over the past year, the Irish Property Owners Association (IPOA) has been continuously highlighting to its property investor members the importance of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and its impact on residential property in Ireland. The Directive, which contains a range of provisions aimed at improving energy performance in residential and non-residential buildings, both newbuild and existing, will have a significant effect on the buying and renting of property in Ireland over the coming years.

Acknowledging this and endorsing the positive environmental effects of energy efficiency in residential property in general, the IPOA has launched The Green House Sessions, a major one day conference which will take place on 17th October 2006 in the Hogan Suite, Croke Park, Dublin 1.

The event has been designed in conjunction with award-winning architect and energy expert Duncan Stewart and will comprise 4 separate sessions, each focusing on areas of specific interest to property owner-investors. Topics range from the energy crisis to practicalities (including cost and methodology) of creating a more energy-efficient home. The Green House Sessions will also focus on the Directive and will look overseas at case studies of possible ways of creating optimum energy-efficient environments.

Speakers include Kevin O’Rourke and Paula Rice, Sustainable Energy Ireland, Bill Quigley, National Centre for Energy Rating, Alan Cooke, IAVI, Charles Roarty, Energy Action and Mike Haslam, Solearth.

According to IPOA Chairman Stephen Faughnan ‘The Green House Sessions marks an important move forward within the IPOA. It provides a platform for property investors to see first-hand the impact of the Directive on their property and to gain practical knowledge of how best to improve their property in line with a more energy-aware environment. The inclusion of an exhibition/trade show element to the event will give practical advice and information to property owners on everything from methods of heating and insulation to energy auditing’.


For further information ,contact Sara Corcoran/Gemma Ryan, Ion Communications.
Tel: +353-87-7624258 / 7643788

for immediate release
21st April 2006

the Irish Property Owners Association (IPOA)

The Irish Property Owners Association Condemns D4 Rental Scam

The IPOA are appalled at today’s reports on the rental scam in D4 apartments. The irresponsible and criminal behaviour of one conman is at risk of sending its thousands of property owner members into disrepute. According to Stephen Faughnan, Chairperson of the IPOA, “It is alarming that so many people have been conned by a person purporting to represent our sector. Thankfully this is a rare occurrence but to try to prevent it happening again we appeal to tenants to make sure that your landlord is a member of the Irish Property Owners Association or a licensed letting agent.”

The IPOA suggest that prospective tenants ask their landlords for their current IPOA Membership Card, a utility bill or other form of confirmation of ownership for the property he is renting. By doing this there will be transparent identification processes in place, which will help protect the tenant and eliminate such occurrences. According to Faughnan “It is sad that such precautions need to be taken, but as with all sectors criminals are prepared to take advantage at any given chance and we must endeavour to protect our members and their tenants”.

The IPOA have a detailed code of ethics which its members are obliged to follow. This is in place to ensure that property owners in the private rental sector follow procedures and practices that are both orderly and ethical. “We are confident that our members operate under this code but are saddened that others do not”.


For further information please contact
Gemma or Sara on tel: +353-87-7643788 / 7624258 email:

Press Release
7th February 2006

The IPOA Await the Facts on Recent Allegations

The Irish Property Owners Association (IPOA) are gravely concerned about the statement made yesterday by Niall Crowley of the Equality Authority. Mr Crowley stated that the Authority are probing into allegations that landlords in the private rented sector are turning away potential tenants based on their race. According to Stephen Faughnan, Chairman of the IPOA “To date there have been no such accusations made towards any IPOA members. It would be a worrying development if these accusations prove true against property owners. However we await the facts, and if they proove that their has been discriminatory behaviour should any of our members be involved we will treat the matter very seriously”.

The IPOA as the national organisation representing landlords have a code of practise which encourages fair treatment of all potential tenants. We have no reason to believe that this practise is not adhered to. Our members provide accommodation to tenants from all walks of life. However as many of our members have been ill treated and badly stung by tenants we also advise them to be careful who they rent to irrespective of race or creed.


For further information contact Gemma or Sara, Ion Communications
Tel: +353-87-7643788 / 7624258