Our Services – What Do We Do?

Information & Guidance

The IPOA is the One-Stop-Shop for Guidance & Assistance. We assist members in dealing with matters relating to Tenants, Residential Tenancies Board Registration and representation, Taxation, Waste Management and any other issues affecting landlords in the private residential rental sector.

Member Information Line

Our on-demand phone support is a key feature of the service we provide. Our dedicated Information Officer and team provide members with direct, friendly and confidential advice on a range of issues from practical day-to day concerns to complex issues.

Member Communications

We are actively engaged in research relating to the residential property sector and have developed expertise to provide you with up-to-date answers and solutions. We provide:

– Regular E-Zines and Newsletters ensuring that members are at all times up-to-date with industry information and legislative changes.

– Information Evenings nationwide providing members with face to face contact time.

– Access to our best practice licence and tenancy agreements, forms and letters.

Education & Training

The IPOA educates landlords about their legal rights and responsibilities, providing guidance in terms of best practice. We also provide information on topical subjects and areas of concern.

The increasingly heavy legislative burden means it is vitally important that landlords understand the environment in which they manage their lettings. Our Education and Training service ensures that members stay up-to-date with the latest developments and best practices.

We deliver introductory training for those new to the sector and training updates for those established in the business. Including:

  • Regular legislative updates
  • Taxation / Accounts
  • Rent Pressure Zones
  • Preparing a case for the RTB
  • Fire Safety
  • Building Regulations / Housing Standards
  • Property Management
  • Insurance
  • Tenants not paying rent / continually paying rent late
  • Breaches of legislation
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Disputes – preparing for a case with the RTB
  • Registration difficulties
  • Over holding issues
  • HAP Rent
  • Rent Reviews
  • Terminating Tenancies

Lobbying – Representing the Property Owner

Lobbying is conducted at all levels, including Government. IPOA lobby in the interests of Property Owners, providing a platform and voice that is heard and seen by Government, media and the public nationwide.

The IPOA is a key player in influencing positive changes for the Irish Property Owner. Members are invited to contribute to submissions that the IPOA are involved with.

Current Priorities

  • Fair tax treatment of the sector
  • Fair and appropriate legislation
  • Fair portrayal of Property Owners across media, government and public


The IPOA encourage members to connect and learn from eachother. Join us at our events, have face to face contact with other members. You might meet someone who could be useful for your business, or someone that can help you through common experiences.

Member Testimonials

‘I have been a member of The IPOA for over 15 years and find them to be invaluable with their advice and knowledge, always there to assist in every way possible’ Carol Ann Goggin

The information provided by the IPOA helps me understand the complex legislation, they simplify and give practical advice’