Anti-Social Behaviour – What Can I Do During The Covid-19 Emergency Period?

18th May 2020


My tenant is engaging in persistent anti-social behaviour, I have received numerous complaints from the neighbours about continuous noise disturbance and threatening abusive behaviour, I understand this to be on a weekly basis.

I have a duty to the neighbours – what can I do during the emergency period, am I allowed to serve a notice of termination?


No, no notices of termination can be served during the emergency period; however, tenants must continue to pay rent and observe the other normal terms and conditions of their lease.

A landlord owes to each person who could be affected by antisocial behaviour a duty to enforce the responsibilities of the tenant(s) in the tenancy. You must issue your tenant with a warning letter, requesting that the behaviour does not continue, giving reasonable time to discontinue the behaviour.  We also advise that the Garda Síochána should be contacted, if necessary, to safeguard the local community and property.

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