Rent Pressure Zones In Co. Meath And Co. Louth

Rent Pressure Zones were introduced in Ireland in 2016, There are currently 21 Local Electoral Areas which have been designated as Rent Pressure Zones. As of the 2nd of July 2019 more areas in Co. Meath and Co. Louth are now in a Rent Pressure Zone.

  • In Rent Pressure Zones rents can only rise by up to 4% annually. This applies when rents are set at the start of a tenancy and when rents are reviewed during an ongoing tenancy.
  • A landlord must tell the tenant what the amount of rent that was last set under the tenancy for the dwelling.
  • A landlord must provide the date the rent was last set under a tenancy for the dwelling.
  • A landlord must provide a statement as to how the rent set under the tenancy of the dwelling has been calculated having regard to the Rent Pressure Zone formula.

Margaret McCormick speaks to LMFM about Rent Pressure Zones and the effects for Landlords in Co. Meath and Co. Louth.

Listen HERE ( Starting 1 hour in)

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