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Individual Membership

For property owners with one residential unit.

This membership allows one user access to the IPOA.

€100 Annual fee

€50 Joining fee

Total: €150

Multiple Membership

For property owners with more than one residential unit who most likely do not have staff outside the family.

This membership allows three users access to the IPOA.

€200 Annual fee

€50 Joining fee

Total €250

Corporate / Business Membership

For property owners that manage a larger property portfolio of units and have set-up as a formal business to manage their affairs.

This membership allows six users access to the IPOA

€500 Annual Fee

Total: €500

IPOA membership begins on the 1st January and ends on the 31st December annually. Membership subscriptions become due and owing as of 1st January yearly and must be paid within three calendar months from the date upon which they become due.

New members joining after the 1st October are eligible for a 50% pro-rata fee for the second year of membership.

*Example: You join 2nd October 2018, on that date you pay joining fee of €50 and subscription of €100 – Total €150. In 2019 you will pay 50% subscription fee – Total €50.