Condensation In My Property?

29th March, 2021

Question: Help For New Landlords

My tenant is currently working from home due to Covid-19, and due to being in the property a lot more has noticed/advised me of condensation in different rooms.

This has never occurred in previous tenancies; how should I resolve this problem?



Condensation in properties needs checking out. Condensation is not a hazard itself and is unlikely to be a serious defect in the property. However, condensation may lead to issues relating to damp and mould growth, both of which could be considered a problem for the property and tenant.

To avoid this, we suggest it should be addressed and sorted sooner rather than later. Firstly, investigate why the condensation issue has arisen, and where.

Condensation typically arises where the moisture in the air has nowhere to vent to, often in areas like kitchens and bathrooms, or where the tenants are drying clothes internally. Where the ventilation is poor, or the tenant is not using the relevant windows or fans, then condensation may arise.

It is your responsibility to ensure the property is in a safe condition and address any structural defects or repair issues that may cause the growth of damp and mould.

Condensation may also be a result of ventilation or lifestyle, to resolve this, your tenant should take steps to reduce condensation in the property and prevent mould or damp growth.

Remind your tenants how to combat condensation.

Click HERE for some Tips to Avoid Condensation


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