Is There A Probationary Period For a Further Tenancy (Further Part 4/6) ?

September 2019


I have tenants in my rental property since September 2015, they have just acquired  further Tenancy rights (further part 4/6).  Due to foreseen circumstances I need to terminate the Tenancy, my own home is in need of construction works. Can I terminate in the first 6 months of a further part 4/6 Tenancy? Does a 6 month probation apply in this case and can I terminate in 28 days? 


There is no probationary period for a further part 4/6 Tenancy. If you require to terminate the Tenancy, you can only do so in accordance with one of the grounds set out in section 34 of the Residential Tenancies Act.

In your case, you may terminate on the grounds that you require the property for personal or family use.  You will need to give the notice correctly and in writing, the tenants have the right to the correct notice period  –  180 Days.


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