Government Proposal To Introduce Evictions Bans Is Highly Discriminatory Against Landlords – IPOA

Government proposal to introduce evictions bans is highly discriminatory against landlords – IPOA

IPOA has deep-rooted reservations around the proposed measure and asserts there are many unintended consequences that have not yet been fully considered by Government

The Irish Property Owners’ Association (IPOA ) today ( Monday 10th of October) has expressed its deep-rooted reservations about the Government’s possible move to introduce eviction bans on landlords whose tenants cannot pay their rents, as a consequence of the cost-of-living crisis.

This measure which is currently being considered by Government, comes after a number of Fianna Fáil TDs called for an eviction ban to be introduced this winter, to prevent more people being forced into homelessness. In a recent newspaper report, An Taoiseach Micheál Martin confirmed that the Minister for Housing, Darragh O’Brien TD is consulting with the Attorney General about a potential ban on evictions which he said “would be introduced for a limited period.”

It is the IPOA’s contention that such a measure would be disastrous for the sector as it will only serve to dissuade landlords from continuing to maintain properties for rent. This year, thousands of landlords sold their properties, stock that was lost to the rental market.

They have also questioned the constitutionality of the move, as Government tries to circumvent its responsibilities by introducing a time limited ban, which further erodes IPOA members legal rights.

The Group said that the recent Budget provided an opportunity to introduce fiscal supports for the sector, which would have alleviated supply issues, but that meaningful support was not forthcoming.

Chairperson of IPOA, Mary Conway saidEviction bans have either been introduced, or mooted, with increasing frequency over the past number of years and now they are being suggested again as a means  of dealing with a failure of national housing policy. As the representative body for small landlords, we have grave reservations about such moves happening without consultation with the sector, and particularly so because the proposed measures could have the effect of completely eroding the constitutional rights and protections designed to protect property owners.

This proposal from Government fails to acknowledge that landlords are not immune to the cost-of-living crisis. Many depend on their rental income to pay their mortgages, and other business expenses, while trying to make provisions for their families and pensions in the years to come. Making landlords scapegoats for failures in housing policy will only serve to worsen the current exodus of landlords from the market – an eventuality that is exacerbated further by a buoyant property market.

We are calling on Government to avoid this highly discriminatory and divisive proposal and instead work with the sector to help to increase supply in the market. Through such meaningful engagement, measures could be designed to stave off the ever-increasing numbers who are leaving the residential property sector because of their deep disillusionment with the increasing regulatory and financial burdens associated with letting a property.” Mary Conway concluded.

The Irish Property Owners’ Association has written to the coalition party leaders to oppose the mooted proposals which will lead to the flight of small landlords from the market, which is exacerbating the rental and housing crises.


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