I Do Not Want A Further Part 4 Arising, Yet I am Prohibited From Terminating – Covid-19 ?

8th April, 2020


I am a landlord, I intend to end a tenancy on the basis that the part 4 is coming to an end. Whilst I understand and appreciate that terminations are banned during the emergency period of Covid-19, I am unsure what to do, I do not want further part 4 arising?



We understand whilst a Notice of Termination cannot be served by a Landlord during the emergency period, the passage of time during the COVID-19 emergency period pauses the tenancy and the tenancy picks up again after the emergency period ends.

For example:

If the tenant was 3.5 years into their tenancy at the start of the emergency period, they will remain so when the emergency period formally comes to an end. The conditions under which the tenancy can be terminated remain unchanged after the emergency period and you can serve the notice of termination (on the basis that the Part 4 is ending) then.


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