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12th January 2021


I served notice on my tenants as I unexpectedly had to return from abroad.    The tenants were in the property 3 months and I served notice on the 3rd December with a vacation date of the 29th January 2021.  The tenants have told me that they can stay in the property.  Is this true?


Level 5 restrictions recommenced on the 30th December 2020.  This pauses your notice of termination.  The duration of any Emergency Period will not count as part of any termination notice period given.  A revised termination date will apply and shall factor in the Level 5 period and an extra 10-day grace period.

Effectively, a revised termination date will be calculated by counting:

  • all, or the remainder, as may be appropriate, of the original termination notice given;
  • all, or the remainder, as may be appropriate, of the Emergency Period; and
  • the 10-day grace period.

It will not be possible for you to calculate the revised date until the Level 5 restrictions are lifted.


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