• Landlord must be clearly informed on who the tenant is going to be, interview the tenant and decide on suitability and there should be references available for checking. Landlord must be able to give the tenant notice in the first six months as specified under the Residential Tenancy Act 2004.
  • Landlord must have a right to a rent review annually as per the Residential Tenancies Act 2004. Rents must be Market rents at all times not as currently capped by Department of Social Welfare and further reduced by RAS.
  • Landlord must be aware of the contract periods that if a tenant leaves after two years the new tenancy must be for a guaranteed period of four years with a guarantee from the local authority of further payment for that period.
  • If a tenant damages the property more than the usual wear and tear the Housing Authority should be liable for the full cost of reinstatement. There should be no limit on this because there is no limit on what damage a tenant can do.
  • A seven day turnaround between lettings is much too short. The property may need repainting and updating. Tradesmen, painters have to be organised and as everyone knows it is not always easy to sort things that quickly. A more realistic time period need to be put in place of at least a minimum of one month.