Installing A Smart Meter?

September 2021


One of my tenants would like a smart meter installed in my rental property. Do they need my permission to have this installed?  What are the benefits of agreeing to this for me as Landlord and the Tenant? Is there an installation cost involved?


As part of the Climate Action plan, homes across the country are getting Smart Meters installed by ESB Networks free of charge.

About 400,000 Smart Meters have been installed to date and every home across Ireland will be offered a Smart Meter over the next three years. The main benefit is that accurate data can be shared with the residents’ energy company meaning the end of estimated billing.

Several suppliers, such as Pinergy, have already being installing Smart Meters for many years.

The tenant should obtain consent from the landlord before installing a smart meter. It is considered reasonable for a landlord to allow this and we encourage Landlords to have smart meters installed.

The experience for many landlords is very positive as the accurate data means costs can be shared by residents and there is simpler administration for the landlord particularly during a change in tenancy.  Residents can access daily consumption data and can see how and when they are using energy in their homes.

We are now also starting to see Energy companies providing new & innovative plans that are specifically for homes with a smart meter. So, for example, you may get better discounts at different times of day to encourage residents to use electricity more responsibly. Suppliers are also offering plans with renewable energy, as well as plans that help Electric Vehicle drivers charge their car overnight when electricity is typically cheaper.

There is a move to making the national housing stock more energy efficient and thus more attractive to potential tenants. A Smart Meter can be a good way to start that journey. Good for the landlord and good for the resident.

Response Credit – Pinergy

Pinergy Energy

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