IPOA Condemn Illegal Eviction

The Irish Property Owners’ Association (IPOA), the national landlord’s representative organisation, promotes good practice and legislative compliance.  The Association is concerned with the manner in which People were evicted from a property in Berkley Road Dublin recently. The Association does not condone any type of illegal force being engaged in an eviction process.   While we are aware that difficulties arise in cases where repossession by Financial Institutions cause friction, the occupiers should not be involved.  Legislation should be adhered to, and where a dispute arises between Property Owner and Tenant it may be referred to the RTB for resolution in an organized manner.

Stephen Faughnan, Chairman stated “The vast majority of Landlords run their properties in a professional manner and make every effort to comply with the legislation in place.  They find illegal evictions intolerable, and condemn unacceptable behaviour.  Unfortunately, in every walk of life there are people who break the law, but this is not systemic behaviour in the sector, illegal evictions are few and far between.   Most Landlords and Tenants comply with their obligations.”

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