IPOA & IPAV Joint Pre-Budget Submission

29th August 2022

IPOA and the IPAV (Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers) have been lobbying jointly for the benefit of members.  Our joint Pre-Budget Submission was launched on Tuesday last.  A decision was taken to limit the number of items requested to attempt to achieve a meaningful change to the tax treatment of the sector.


Our proposals are as follows:-



  • The introduction of a new 25% rate of tax (inclusive of USC and PRSI) on profit derived from residential rental income
  • The introduction of roll-over relief in relation to Capital Gains Tax on the sale of all assets where the proceeds are reinvested in residential property within twelve months
  • A reduction in Capital Acquisitions Tax on the inheritance of residential investment properties


Pension Provision

  • Rental income to be treated as relevant income for pension purposes
  • Capital loan repayments should be available for pension relief
  • The rescinding of the IORP II pension regulations limiting investment by occupational or company schemes to 50% of fund assets


Rent Pressure Zones

  • On re-renting their property when a tenant leaves, landlords should be allowed to charge market rent on that property.


To read the Pre-Budget Submission click here


We are asking you to contact your local representative and lobby them for change.  We have a short window of opportunity, help us to help you, email, or phone your public representatives today.


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