IPOA Representing Landlords

IPOA information Officer Margaret McCormick and Committee Member Tom O’Brien, attended the Joint Committee on Housing Planning and Local Government to address the Anti Evictions Bill [PMB] 2018 and the Residential Tenancies (Greater Security of Tenure & Rent Certainty) Bill [PMB] 2018 on the 20th February 2019.

IPOA highlighted that the Private Rental Sector has provided homes for those needing accommodation where the State has failed.  Margaret noted that two thirds of tenancies in the Irish Rental Market are provided by property owners with less than three properties.  70% of landlords have one property and rely on same for their pension.  The composition of the Irish market must be taken into account when drafting legislation.

IPOA also reminded the Committee that investment is a choice – changes proposed in the Anti Eviction Bill and Greater Security and Rent Certainty Bill will further damage investment in the private rental sector and result in less accommodation available.

IPOA strongly opposed both Bills, specifically in relation to:

  • A move to selling with tenants in Situ
  • Indefinite Tenancies
  • Removing Substantial Refurbishment as grounds for termination
  • Placing the rent payable for tenancies on a the register
  • Nationwide Rent Pressure Zones
  • Restricting the deposit to one month’s rent

Supply is the issue that needs to be addressed, the State needs to incentivise investment in rental property rather than penalise Landlords who are part of the solution to the housing crisis.

Click HERE to watch  IPOA’s representation (*see recent videos 20th February 2019 – commencing at 2hr 2 mins) at the Oireachtas Committee

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