IPOA Would Like To See Measures For Landlords

The Irish Property Owners’ Association is disappointed to note the lack of understanding of rental law in Ireland. 

There are protections for tenants affected by Covid-19 in place until the 11th January 2021 and Rent Supplement is available for tenants who are dealing with reduced income and are not able to meet the cost of their accommodation.

Problems arose previously during lockdown, with anti-social behaviour disturbing other tenants and neighbours; however, anti-social tenants were protected to the detriment of other tenants and law-abiding citizens, this must not happen again.

Stephen Faughnan outlined “IPOA would like to see measures for landlords who support their tenants by rent forgiveness, or who have incurred losses because of non-payment of rent, being allowed to claim these losses as an expense. 70% of landlords have one property.  Further restrictions are not required, the sector needs to be sustainable; the importance of rental accommodation in the private rental market is frequently dismissed but it benefits the State by providing homes for its’ citizens.”


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