Know & Document the Details of your Tenancy

Given the restrictions imposed and non-classification of our business as an essential service, there is much frustration in our reduced abilitySkills For Landlords to function as Landlords.

There is a gap in the ‘normal’ operation of a Landlord yet there is still work that we can do to be productive in this time.

Know your business inside out and review the details of your tenancy.

  • Do you know when your tenancy commenced?
  • Are you aware of when the Part 4 /Further Part 4 are coming to an end? Do you understand the significance of a Part 4 ending and the fact that you may terminate in this instance?
  • Do you know who is in your property? Have any assignments taken place or are there any licensees in the property? Have you up-to-date details for all those that reside in your property?
  • When are you due to register with the RTB?
  • Have you updated the RTB on changes to the tenancy?
  • Did you deregister any tenancies ceased with the RTB?
  • Do your tenants understand their rights and responsibilities?


Now may be the time to do some homework on your agreements.  Count on IPOA as a resource.


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