Landlords – Are You Using The Correct Forms?

25th November 2020

Make Sure Your Notices Are Valid.

You must use the correct forms for your notices to be valid.


Rent Arrears

You will know that a new rent arrears process was introduced on the 2nd August 2020. Changes have been made to the process which is now an 8-step process.


Sample Notices:


  • Payment Plan Letter – Click HERE
  • Rent Arrears Warning Letter – Click HERE
  • Notice of Termination Rent Arrears – Click HERE
  • Self-Declaration Form – Click HERE


If your tenant submitted a Self-Declaration form to you confirming that Covid-19 has impacted their ability to pay rent, that tenancy cannot be terminated until on or after 11th January 2021 and the tenant must be provided with a minimum of 90 days’ notice. A landlord can still serve a valid Notice of Termination from 2nd August onwards; however, the termination date must be on or after 11th January 2021.


Rent Reviews

From 2 August 2020, rent reviews/increases can take effect as normal for tenants who have not been financially impacted by COVID-19. You must follow the usual rent setting and review rules inside and outside a Rent Pressure Zone (RPZ).

If your tenant’s rent is increased, no backdating is allowed.

Where you have received a Self-Declaration, no rent increase can take effect until the day after the expiry of the emergency period – i.e. 11th January 2021.


  • Rent Review Notice (In RPZ) – Click HERE
  • RPZ Exemption Form – Click HERE
  • Rent Review Notice (Outside RPZ) – Click HERE


Once a rent review has been carried out and the new rent has commenced the landlord should notify the RTB that the rent amount has changed, within one month following the date when the new rent amount applies.


We are aware that there may be more changes/legislation on the way with regards to Rent Arrears- specifically those affected by Covid-19.

We will keep members updated on any new information.

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