It is important that the voice of the Landlord is heard loud and clear.  Do NOT miss YOUR opportunity – voice your opinion!

 Are You Happy With The Tax You Pay As A Landlord? 

  • Over half  your rental income goes back to the State, income tax at marginal rate, PRSI, & USC.
  • Local Property Tax is not deductible expense.
  • Rental income should be treated as reckonable income for pension purposes.
  • Building Energy Improvements should be allowable as a double expense and offset able in the year it is carried out.
  • Allow Wear and Tear over 4 years instead of 8 years to assist cash flow.


What Is To Be Done For The Many Landlords Who Kept Rents Low?

  • Rent Pressure Zones unfairly penalised landlords who kept their rent low.
  • There is no mechanism to bring low rents to sustainable levels.
  • There is no incentive to invest in upgrade or modernising of accommodation.
  • Properties devalued if sold to investors.


Do You Want A Rent Freeze To Be Introduced?

  • A Rent Freeze  will have a long term negative consequence.
  • It will reduce the amount of accommodation available to rent.
  • It will not provide sufficient income to maintain standards.
  • It will restrict income without restricting costs.

Rent Control – Unconstitutional in Ireland  (Blake v. A.G. 1982), the Supreme Court struck down the Rent Restrictions Acts which, according to the Court, restricted the rights of one group of citizens for the benefit of another group and did so without having regard to the financial capacity of either group and without making provision for compensation.


Do You Want Indefinite Tenancies?

  • Devalue property, discourage investment.
  • Limit the selling market to Investors only.
  • Already have 6-year security of tenure.


Fair treatment of Landlords is required like every other business. Politicians fail to grasp the nettle that Property Owners are providing a valuable and necessary service.


Voice Your Opinion & Vote Your Opinion!

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