Landlords – Strengthen  Your Business & Develop Your Skills with the IPOA Residential Landlord Course.  

This programme is delivered one day a week over 5 alternative weeks, taking Landlords through tenancies from beginning to end.

Brenda has just completed the course in Cork, read what she has to say!

Are you a Private Landlord, Agent or Property Support Staff?

I am Office Manager at Murray Properties

Why did you decide to do the IPOA Residential Landlords Course?

To bring myself up to date with legislation which would enable me to perform as best as I could in my job. The job can be challenging, and you need to have as much knowledge as you possibly can to protect yourself.  Legislation is complicated and is changing all the time.  The better grasp you have of it the better.  The IPOA course was invaluable in this respect.

What did you most like about the course?

 I liked the relaxed approach; I am attending an RTB hearing next week and I approached Tony O’Reilly after the course and he could not have been more helpful and obliging.  Tony Wallace spoke well and delivered his presentations very well as did Clare in the RTB.

What did you learn/benefit by attending the programme ?

The variety of topics covered and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions.  I felt what I learnt from questions from the floor was very beneficial as well as well as having my own questions answered.

If you were to recommend the course to a fellow Landlord, what would you say?

I would highly recommend the course.  The course is a credit to Margaret and Susan and I would urge anyone in the property sector to attend this very worthwhile course.