Legislative Changes For Landlords

The Residential Tenancies (No.2) Act 2021 was signed into law on Friday 9th July by President Higgins and commenced on that date, apart from Section 6 which commenced on the 16th July 2021.Update For Landlords

Commenced on the 9th July 2021

  • extends the rent arrears protections in Part 3 (Residential Tenancies) of the Planning and Development, and Residential Tenancies, Act 2020 (PDRTA) until 12 January 2022;
  • limits the amount of rent in advance and/or a deposit that landlords can ask people to pay to secure a tenancy; and
  • provides that students do not have to give more than 28 days’ notice to terminate their rental arrangement.

Commenced on the 16th July 2021

  • restricts any rent increase in an RPZ from exceeding general inflation, as recorded by Harmonised Index of the Consumer Price (HICP)

Any valid notice of rent review in a Rent Pressure Zone served prior to 16th July 2021 can give effect to a rent increase of up to 4% p.a., again subject to not exceeding market rent.

All rent reviews must use the RTB Calculator and the New Rent Review form on the RTB website.

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