My Tenant is in Rent Arrears?

15th September, 2020

My tenant did not pay any rent during Covid-19, I have served a warning notice and now want to proceed in a termination – Can I do this? What do I need to do?

During the emergency period you were permitted as you did to serve a rent arrears warning notice, if the tenancy was less six months the amount of time to be provided in the warning notice to remedy the breach was 28 days. For tenancies over 6 months reasonable amount of time must have been given to remedy the breach.

You were not permitted to serve a Termination notice until the emergency legislation ceased.

If you served a valid rent arrears warning notice with the correct amount of notice period and the tenant did not repay the monies, you can now proceed to serve a 28-day Termination notice.

PLEASE NOTE: If your tenant indicates that they have been impacted by Covid-19 by completing and serving a Self-Declaration, the rules and process of ending a tenancy change and the above may not apply. In this situation different guidance may be given contact for further detail.


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