Pinergy – Savings For Landlords & Students

Why is Pinery Good For Landlords With Students? 

When it comes to energy for student accommodation, Pinergy has benefits for Landlords.

Pinergy is an option for:

Landlords who’s tenants look after energy use themselves.

  • Landlords no longer have to deal with paying the electricity bills left behind by tenants
  • Landlords can reduce time, effort and energy in bill administration
  • Pinergy provide 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources including wind, solar and hydro power

Landlords who include the electricity in the billing price.

  • Landlords benefit from the transparent information, especially if they charge tenants a set utility bill.
  • Landlords knowing how much energy is being used makes it easier to estimate how much to charge for utilities – establishing accurate and fair parameters for set prices.

Click HERE to read a Case Study on How Pinergy works well in Student Accommodation.

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