Property & Your Pension

Buying property in your pension can help create security as part of a well-diversified pension portfolio.

I had my annual review a few months ago with my pension trustee and I suddenly realised my mindset around my personally held properties has dramatically shifted since buying property in my pension structure.

Having a pension has created a level of security allowing me to make decisions around my personally held property that I never thought I would. I guess with all the networking, books, courses etc you pick up some philosophies that form beliefs for example “once you buy, never sell” with the idea that those early investments purely because of time and capital growth will unlock funds allowing you to progress on your financial journey. But now, assessing my situation I realise some of the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that I used to determine my decisions have evolved. I feel I can make decisions without holding on so tightly, the same fear and apprehension is not there, all because I now have a solid foundation in my pension. Comparable to the feeling of having excess cash in the bank with no worries around scarcity.

I carry out what I call a Self-Audit on my property portfolio each year, where I have 10 highline points I review. This process has helped me judge what to do next and where to focus. It has really served me, and I know this process has aided me in making good decisions in the past and hopefully in the future.

I now look at property and realise yes, you need to be aware of where the market is but equally you need to look at what season of your life you are you in, what’s happening in your personal and family life, where are you on your financial journey, is your business in survival, growth or maturity stage?

I always say “cash is king” that is why I know it may seem unfeasible to build property in your pension as you cannot access this monthly income in the same way as a standard property held in another structure. However, consider this, I have good high yielding properties personally, yet I make more rental income on 2 properties in my pension structure with no tax compared with 4 properties personally held after tax (52%).

As investors we all know how much we pay in taxes, this coupled with constant regulatory pressures is continuing to push landlords to leave the market in their droves. I am not one for raging against the machine, I feel we need to push the doors left open by the government I see this to be our pensions.

We have the opportunity to buy property in our pension, I am happy to help if you would like to learn more about how to carry out a Self Audit or grow your pension with property.


Christina P Buckley
Property Investor & Consultant.
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