Rent Increase/Review – Emergency Period.

16th June 2020


I served a rent review notice to my tenants at the end of January 2020 to come into effect the end of April 2020. I understand that there can be no rent increases actioned during the emergency period and therefore the increase was not applied. Do I need to re-issue the rent review notice after the emergency period and give another 90 days’ notice?



Rent increases are prohibited during the COVID19 emergency period. Tenants are still required to pay rent to their landlord during this emergency period.

However, Rent Review notices may be served during the emergency period, note that any increase in the rent under the tenancy of a dwelling that should take effect or be payable during the emergency period will not take effect until after the day after emergency period ends.

In your case you will not be required to re-issue the rent review notice, the new rent can take effect the day after the emergency periods ends, it may be more convenient to apply the new rent from the first ‘rent due date’ after the emergency period.

We note that the emergency legislation is in place for a period of 3 months, this may be extended, IPOA will advise members as soon as we have any further information.



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