When Exactly Can I Give A Rent Review Notice In An RPZ?


My tenants started their tenancy on the 8th April 2019.  My property is in a Rent Pressure Zone. 

My rental is significantly below market rent and I intend to do a rent review in 2020.  When can I issue the rent review notice? Can I give 90 days notice now  (December 2019) for the rent to come into effect in April 2020? 


No, you cannot give the rent review notice now (December 2019). In accordance with the Rent Pressure Zone regulations you must wait until the 8th of April 2020 to do a rent review, the tenant(s) will have 90 days for the rent increase to come into effect  – in July 2020.

The RPZ calculator will take into consideration the 15 months since the previous rent came into effect.

We suggest that you use the RTB Calculator when conducting rent reviews – Click HERE for calculator

It is important that you use the correct Notice in order for your rent review to be valid.

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