Rent Review – Timing ?

July 2022


I have a tenancy in a Rent Pressure Zone where the rent was last reviewed as follows;

Review Notice Sent: 05/July/21

New Rent Received: 08/Oct/21

I understand the RPZ calculation procedure and rent review process, however – do I issue the new rent review notice in July 22 to take effect Oct 22? Or do I need to wait until Oct 22 to issue a notice to take effect Jan 23?



After a rent review or tenancy commencement, the landlord is entitled to review the rent every 12 months.

You have to wait 12 months from the start of the tenancy or 12 months from the date that the last rent review notice was served – whichever is relevant.

In your case, the last rent review notice was served 05/July/21, therefore your next notice for rent review may be served from 5/July/22 giving 90 days’ notice to come into effect.

Please ensure that you use the RPZ calculator when determining the new rent, also ensure you use the correct forms and follow the process exactly.


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