Reopening Business – Guidance For Viewings

Prior to viewings:

  1. No person to attend a viewing if they are displaying Covid-19 symptoms, self-isolating or returned from overseas in the last 14 days.
  2. Pre-booked private viewings only.
  3. Suggest time restrictions on appointments.
  4. All relevant information issued in advance (brochures etc.)
  5. Confirm whether potential tenant is cocooning or in an at-risk category and if so, identify any additional precautionary measures that may be required.
  6. No additional persons to be in the property at the time of viewing.
  7. All contact points in the property should be sanitised after/between viewings (e.g. door handles, light switches etc.).
  8. Place official Covid-19 signage at locations throughout the property to act as a useful reminder to viewers to follow the HSE rules.
  9. Ensure hand sanitising facility at the entry point of the property for viewings.
  10. Additional:
  • Secure in the open position all doors to avoid viewers touching handles.
  • Open some windows to ventilate the property.
  • Turn on lights; and open all storage units. It is recommended that these remain in an open position to avoid contact with viewers.


During Viewing

  1. Viewers to remain a reasonable distance from the property (e.g. remain in car) until given permission to enter.
  2. Greet viewer outside the property, at 2 metre spacing markers.
  3. No shaking hands or personal contact.
  4. Viewer is given access to the property and instructed to use hand sanitiser upon entry.
  5. Toilets are not for public use.
  6. For vacant property, particularly smaller units, agents/landlords may decide to wait at the entrance to allow viewers to walk around.
  7. For occupied units, agents/landlords may decide to remain in the property whilst observing physical distancing (2 metre rule).
  8. Deal with answering questions outside the dwelling, whilst observing 2 metre distance.


After Viewing:

  1. Sanitise all contact points.
  2. Viewer to be diverted to email/phone/video if they have extensive questions.
  3. In agreeing to rent the property, contract signing must be completed with physical distancing taking place.
  4. Payment by debit/credit card EFT are encouraged.


Information Credit

Please be advised that the PSRA together with leading representative organisations have published a ‘Joint Sector Protocol for Property Services Providers’ safety document, the aim of which is to facilitate the safe reopening of the property market in Phase 2 (8th June).

For Further information click HERE for full document.



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