RTB Late Annual Registration Fees

August 2022

Following lengthy discussions and meetings with the RTB – particularly concerning the late registration penalty fee, IPOA are pleased to outline that RTB have devised the below solution to penalties. We looked for the late fee date to be changed but unfortunately that was not possible as this was written into the legislation, however we welcome the below refund plan.


Please find an overview of the RTB’s plans around late registration fees and refunds.


  • In recognition of the genuine difficulties landlords are facing when trying to register tenancies, the RTB will refund all late fees paid in the period from 4 August 2022 to end January 2023. This refund would be processed by the RTB and no action will need to be taken by landlords or agents.


*Note that this will not apply to any late fees which have accumulated prior to the introduction of annual registration on 4 April 2022.


  • Landlords and agents continue to be legally required to register their tenancy annually with the RTB; however, the RTB will not proactively pursue registration enforcement action against those who have had difficulty to register since the introduction of annual registration during this period of transition.



If you have had difficulty registering we think it is essential that members retain proof of their attempts to make contact with the RTB, email, call log, copy of webchat.,



CONTACT 01-8276000

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