Do I Have To Sell A Property With Tenants In Situ?


I am considering selling a rental property, do I have to sell with tenants in situ? 


If you want to sell a property you do not have to do so with tenants in situ. Under current legislation there are various grounds in which a landlord has the right to end (terminate) a tenancy.

One of which is if the landlord wants to sell the property.

A tenancy can be ended if the landlord intends to sell the property within nine months of the termination date.

From June 4th 2019, there is an obligation on landlords to offer the property back to the tenant within 9 months from the expiry of the notice period if the property has not sold.

If you are ending a tenancy under these grounds – a statutory declaration must be given with the notice of termination confirming the landlord’s intention to sell.

*If a fixed contract is in place a landlord may not be able to serve the notice until the fixed term is over, unless there is a clause in the contract allowing them to do so.

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