Should The Tenant Vacate My Property?

24th September 2020


I served a notice of termination for intent to sell prior to the Covid-19 Emergency, the notice expired on the 7th of February 2020 before the Covid-19 legislation was introduced. The tenant has not left the property yet and I am unable to proceed with an offer of sale. I understand that the tenant must vacate my property – is this correct?



If your notice of termination is valid – yes, the tenant must leave your property.

We suggest that you contact the RTB and lodge a dispute case. Dispute resolution cases can take up to 16 weeks therefore you should do this immediately. If your notice is deemed valid, the RTB will put in place a determination order and the tenant will have to leave the property.


It Is Extremely Important That Notices Are Valid

Contact IPOA Prior To Issuing Your Notice – We Can Talk You Through The Process

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