Tenant’s Belongings left in Property – What do I do?

June 2022


My tenant has left my property but has left belongings behind, mainly clothing items and a few bits of modest value.

What do I do with the belongings?



In the first instance we suggest that you try make contact or speak to the tenant, especially if any valuable/sentimental items have been left.

Next, check your tenancy agreement. Some tenancy agreements outline what will happen to goods at the end of the tenancy if they are not taken away by the tenant.

If there is nothing in the lease agreement, then you should give the tenants reasonable notice of your intention dispose of the items if they are not claimed/collected.  The obligation is on the tenant to collect them.

We suggest trying to contact the tenant, using any email addresses or contact numbers you have, as well as any emergency contacts, to try to arrange for the goods to be collected. This way you may prove you have made every effort to contact the tenant.

Items may be removed after a ‘reasonable period’ if the tenant has not contacted you to retrieve them. Situation dependent the landlord may seek to recover ‘reasonable’ costs from the tenant.


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