Understanding What Each Party Intends To Do -The Private Rental Sector. 

Understanding what each Party intends to do around the Private Rental Sector.   Ensure that you and your family make an informed choice.What is aHead For Landlords?

“Please see the below snapshots of relevant points of interest to the IPOA from the Election Manifesto (in alphabetical order) of  Aontú, Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Green Party, Labour, Sinn Fein and Social Democrats”. 



  • Greater security of tenure with the introduction of indefinite tenancies
  • Remove selling as a ground for terminating tenancies
  • Introduction of a rent cap tied to the inflation rate
  • “Buy to Let” landlords who achieved tax breaks from the state should be prevented from issuing vacant possession “Notices to Quit”.
  • Tenants who wilfully damage property, do not cover the cost, wilfully withhold rent, get involved in criminal behaviour, drug dealing and anti-social behaviour should be flagged to subsequent landlords. Landlords must be able to remove such tenants in a timely manner.  Link to Manifesto

Fianna Fáil

  • Introduce a €600 rent tax credit for all private renters.
  • Strengthen implementation of Rent Pressure Zones.
  • Overhaul the RTB by doubling its resources to undertake active investigations into breaches of tenancy laws.
  • Create a National Rent Deposit Scheme with a “life time deposit” that moves with the tenant until they withdraw it.
  • Roll out a national Affordable Rent Scheme.
  • Improve quality of accommodation with a Local Authority Quality Certificate.
  • Ban Co-Living.
  • Treat Local Property Tax as a deductible expense to help keep landlords in the system. This will cost €20m.
  • Strengthen the complaints system and penalties for rogue tenants including giving the RTB eviction powers for anti-social behaviour       Link to Manifesto

Fine Gael

  • Will introduce legislation to provide for tenancies of long-term or indefinite duration.
  • Will Continue RTB change programme, transforming it into an independent and strong regulator for tenants and landlords.
  • Fine Gael introduced a 4% annual cap on rent increases in Rent Pressure Zones (RPZs). This legislation is due to expire in 2021 and intend to extend these provisions, if necessary.
  • Fine Gael has significantly improved tenant protections and is moving the Irish rental market towards the rental model found in other European states.    Link to Manifesto

Green Party

  • Remove sale of a property as a reason for ending a lease
  • Pay rent supplement in advance
  • Provide rent certainty for people, including rent controls where appropriate,
  • Provide longer leases and security of tenure.
  • Strengthening RTB dispute resolution section in addressing issues concerning both tenants and landlords.  Link to Manifesto


  • Will Freeze Rents
  • Introduce rent caps for a limited time until the housing crisis is solved
  • Will bring in long-term leases for renters, with rent certainty, and we’ll stop unfair evictions.
  • Will strengthen the powers of the Rental Tenancies Board and increase its staff so that it has the capacity to fulfil its mandate.  Link to Manifesto

Sinn Fein

  • A three-year freeze on rents for all existing and new tenancies
  • Link rent reviews after the three-year rent freeze to the Consumer Price Index
  • Create tenancies of indefinite duration
  • Remove selling, family use, refurbishment as grounds for termination
  • A year on year reduction in the number of private rental tenancies used for social housing tenants via HAS, RAS and HAP freeing up additional rental stock for private renters
  • Introduce an NCT style certification to ensure compliance with building and fire safety standards
  • Ensure 25% of all private rental properties are inspected by Local Authorities every year
  • Place a legal obligation on estate agents and letting platforms to ensure that all long- and short-term rental properties are compliant with minimum standards and planning requirements.
  • A three-year refundable tax credit for all existing and new tenancies that would put a month’s rent back in every renter’s pocket costing €301 million Link to Manifesto

Social Democrats

  • Propose a complete freeze on all residential rents
  • Would limit the sale of property as a ground for terminating a tenancy
  • Would legislate to provide for indefinite rental contracts
  • Would introduce a Deposit Protection Scheme limiting deposits to one month’s rent
  • Provide better enforcement of the law in relation to rents and security of tenure, better information for both tenants and landlords
  • Provide more efficient dispute resolution process to serve tenants and landlords fairly        Link to Manifesto



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