Will My Termination Date In July Still Stand?

27th April, 2020


I served my tenant with a notice of termination as I need the property for family use, the termination date does not come into effect until the end of July. As the emergency period is due to end before July, is it ok for the termination date to remain the same?


No,  the termination date of July does not remain.

All notices of termination that are ongoing during the emergency period are essentially paused. This means that the entire emergency period will not be counted as part of the notice period.

In your case, as you served a notice of termination before the emergency period, from the 27th March the days in the notice period are paused. When the emergency period ends, the tenant will have the remaining days to leave the rental accommodation. As it stands this means that the termination date may be the end of October, however you must keep in mind that the emergency period is for 3 months but this may be extended which would also extend that.

Sample notices of termination can be provided by IPOA, Please Ask!

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