A Tip For The Day

A ‘Tip For The Day’

 If a cistern or water tank makes noise filling up, especially during the night, what can you do?

  • Buy a large sponge like the type that you might use for washing a car, or cleaning fresh grout off new tiles, available in most builders providers and motor factors.
  • Remove the lid off the cistern or water tank. Flush the toilet cistern or turn on a tap for the tank.
  • Place the sponge under the flow of water. In almost all cases, the sponge will remain in place.
  • Replace the lid.

As a Landlord Pat O’ Ceallaigh of Georgian Refurb Ltd experienced the difficulties of finding tradesmen when repairs or upgrades need to be carried out in your rental property. So he put together a group of tradesmen.

This has been a success and now the crew is available to refurbish, re-build or carry out small repairs to your property if it is Northside Dublin. Providing carpenters, electricians, brick layers, plasterers and plumbers.  If the job is of a bigger nature, also providing access to draftsmen, engineers and architects.

If you would like to know more, there are 3 options to contact Pat.

  1. Send an email to georgianrefurb@gmail.com outlining the type of work or repair that you are considering.
  2. Call 085 1 230 240 and to discuss what it is that you would like to repair or refurbish. If the phone does not answer, please send a text.
  3. Text 085 1 230 240 with your query. Replies are normally within the hour but during busy periods or certain parts of the weekend, it may be the following working day.

If you have any queries regarding your rental property don’t forget to contact info@ipoa.ie  – we appreciate any referrals you may have.

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