Be Alert and Aware of Scams

Please be aware of potential scams. IPOA have been notified by landlords of the following situation.  Be Aware Of Scams

A response is received to an advertisement placed by a landlord.

  • The potential tenant will state that he/she is a foreign national working abroad being transferred to Ireland, and needs to organise the accommodation in advance.
  • A copy of passport, work and previous landlord references may be sent. (It is unlikely that the references can be checked).
  • A copy of the lease will be requested for the company who will allegedly be paying the rent.  It will be acknowledged and a claim made that it is being checked by the employer.
  • Confirmation will be sent by tenant confirming that a “bank draft” will be sent and requesting a receipt when it is received.
  • A cheque will arrive which will appear to be in order.   The normal process is that the cheque will be for a substantial amount.  The property owner will lodge it.
  • It will take a considerable time to clear, but  the monies may appear to have cleared into the account.
  • The prospective tenant makes contact and notifies that their work situation has changed, and asks for a refund of some of the cheque allowing for reasonable deductions.
  • The property owner refunds and sometime later the bank notifies them that the cheque bounced.
  • The cheque may take a considerable time to bounce (one landlord said a couple of months) despite the fact that it may already have appeared to be cleared.
  • Meanwhile the scammer has already cashed the refund.

Be very careful when renting property, please ensure that you do your due diligence on prospective tenants.

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