Is Landlord Insurance required by Law?

May 2024



Is Landlord Insurance required by Law?




The only compulsory insurance required by law in Ireland is motor insurance to drive your vehicle on the roads.


However the Residential Tenancies Act of 2004 states that you must have property damage and public liability cover in place for every unit that you provide as rental accommodation to private tenants.


In addition, you may also be required to insure your property if you are taking out a mortgage. The bank/financier may insist that their interest be noted on the policy and may have specific clauses that they need agreed by your Insurer.


It is recommended that you take the steps to insure not only your asset against damage or loss but that you protect yourself against a claim for third party property damage or injury which could come from your tenant, a neighbour or a member of the public depending on the incident. Similarly from an employee or an appointed tradesperson or handyman.


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