Pointers for Serving a Notice of Termination


April 2024

Pointers for Serving a Notice of Termination


  • Notice of Terminations must be copied to the RTB at the same time as served on the tenant.  The RTB request a copy of completed Notice of Return Form with the Notice of Termination. They can be emailed to NoticeofTermination@rtb.ie or posted to Residential Tenancies Board, PO Box 47 Clonakilty, Co. Cork.  The RTB should receipt the notice.


  • Use the notices drafted by the RTB that are on their website and do not remove any items.


  • The notice can be served on the tenant by post.  Express Post is the recommended method.  The postman certifies the delivery of the document.  Do not use Registered Post; if the tenant does not accept or collect the letter the notice is not served.


  • The notice can be served on the tenant by hand.  Organise a witness to photograph it being posted through the letterbox.


  • Date of Service required in the Notice of Termination is the date the notice is put in the post or the date it is hand delivered.


  • For all notices, other than one served to terminate in the first six month without a reason, be sure to add a few more days.  Remember that if serving by post there will more days needed to allow for postage.


  • Keep copies of all receipts and notices.  You will need them in the event that the tenant overholds and you have utilise the Dispute Resolution Process of the RTB.


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