Property For Own Use – Can We Terminate For This Reason During Covid-19?

26th March 2020


My son and his family require my rental property for their own use, we have been planning towards this for some time – can we issue a termination notice for this reason now? Our tenants have been great and this is not related to rent arrears or difficulty in keeping the rent up?



We understand you are not permitted to serve notice on these grounds or any grounds during the Covid-19 emergency. The fact that this is not related to rent arrears has no bearing on the situation. The Government announced measures on Thursday 19th of March which places moratoriums on evictions for the duration of the Covid 19 emergency. We understand that the new legslation will be detailed on the 26th of March.

Further measures include:

  • moratoriums on rent increases
  • notice of terminations served in the first six months of a tenancy will be for 90 days instead of 28 days. (These are applicable for the duration of the emergency).

Click HERE for further information on what Landlord can do during Covid-19.


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