Unoccupied in between lettings – Insurance Cover?

May 2024


My rental property is currently unoccupied in between lettings whilst I do some maintenance work. Is it still protected with landlord insurance?




The answer to this question is very much dependant on the insurer and product that you have in place currently.

Our IPOA Scheme provides Property Owners All Risks Insurance cover.  This scheme was established in conjunction with the IPOA, for its members.


The Property Owners Liability section of our Scheme policy extends to cover casual repair & maintenance persons who do ad hoc works at your property throughout the year e.g. clean out or paint a flat / put out the bins / sweep the yard / fix a minor leak or creaking door / mow the lawn / re-plum a washing machine etc.


If the property is vacant for less than 30 days and the works to be completed are minor & non-structural in nature, then yes, full Material Damage and Property Owners Liability cover will still be provided.


If the works are more extensive in nature, then your Property Owner’s liability cover will still be included but the cover for the building will reduce to Fire, Lightning, Explosion & Aircraft, with the potential to add back in Storm, Theft & Flood at an additional premium at the discretion of the insurer.


However, if the works are structural or extensive in nature and involve more than just a simple refurbishment / redecoration of the property, then the policy can remain in place BUT any damage occasioned to the property, as a consequence of the works, will be excluded. No cover will apply in respect of any workmen on site involved in these works.

In this instance, it is imperative that you ensure that your contractors have full Public & Employers Liability cover in place AND Contractors All Risks cover to at least the value of the full works. If the works to be completed are extensive, then you should consider taking out property under renovation insurance yourself, where available.



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