Landlord Query Of The Week: Window Restrictors


I am letting a detached two-storey property to two adults , there are no children in the property. Do I need to have window restrictors on the upstairs windows?


All windows that have an opening section through which a person may fall and the bottom of the opening section is more than 1400mm above external ground level, suitable safety restrictors must be fitted as per the manufacturer’s instructions and be in good working order.


  • Safety restrictors should operate so that they limit the initial movement of an opening section to not more that 100mm.
  • Lockable restrictors, which can only be released by removable keys or other tools, should not be fitted to window opening sections required for escape or rescue purposes (see Technical Guidance Document B- Fire Safety).
  • Safety  restrictors must re-engage automatically when an opening section is returned to the initial restricted opening position, or to a closed position (whether latched or not)
  • Safety restrictors must be releasable only by manipulation not normally possible by a child under 5 years of age.


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