Consider Undertaking Projects on Your Property

Given the restrictions imposed and non-classification of our business as an essential service, there is much frustration in our reduced abilityWork To Property to function as Landlords.

There is a gap in the ‘normal’ operation of a Landlord yet there is still work that we can do to be productive in this time.

Consider Undertaking Projects on Your Property

We understand that our business is not currently deemed an essential service, however, now may be the time to consider conducting potential projects on your property. Take note of any works that may need to be done.

If you a have a vacant property or are thinking of letting a new property or selling a property you might consider the following to ensure your property is best positioned.


  • Is the property in need of a deep clean? Nobody wants to move into a place which is unclean, or which you would not want to live in yourself.
  • Are there any maintenance issues otherwise unable to do?
  • How long has it been since the property was painted internally and externally?
  • When is the last time the property was inspected? Things which you could check for are clogged gutters, cracks, roof leaks, leaky faucets or pipes, electrical outlets, and even burnt-out light bulbs. Other important things to ensure are the that the smoke alarms are in good working condition, and that the property is adequately equipped to satisfy fire standards.
  • Is the property sufficiently staged with furniture and appliance to attract the target market? You might consider the condition of old furnishings and appliances: do they need to be replaced? Replacing appliances may seem like an unnecessary expense, however, replacing an appliance may be cheaper than repairing it in the future.


Preparing your property for rent is an important part in attracting the right tenant or purchaser. It also ensures that the property is suitable to be lived in. It does not have to cost a fortune but by preparing the property like this you are ultimately enhancing your investment and making the rental process much easier by avoiding potential future complaints.


The IPOA Residential Landlord Course Covers Pre-Tenancy Considerations Such As Preparing And Staging Your Property.

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