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Rent Arrears Procedure and Notices

What Happens If Your Tenant Does Not Pay Rent? A tenant is required to pay their rent in full and on time until the tenancy ends even where a dispute has arisen with the landlord. If rent is not paid it is a breach of the Tenancy Agreement. If there is rent arrears in the first 6 months of a periodic tenancy or a fixed term tenancy with a break clause,  a landlord can serve a 28 day Notice of Termination without giving any reason. If there is a fixed-term tenancy in place (with no break clause) the below two
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Termination Notices

Click HERE for Termination Notice in the First 6 Months Click HERE for Termination Notice End of Part 4 Click HERE for Termination Notice for breach Click HERE for Termination Notice for Own/Family Use Click HERE for Termination Notice for Intent To Sell Termination Notice for Substantial Refurbishment currently being updated – available soon  Valid Notices Valid notices must be sent to your tenant Be in writing Be signed by the landlord or authorised agent Give the date the notice is sent State the grounds for ending the tenancy (if the tenancy has lasted for more than 6 months or is a fixed term tenancy).  
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The Bringing Back Homes Manual

The Bringing Back Homes manual is aimed at property owners, members of the public, local authorities and stakeholders in the construction industry who are interested in developing vacant buildings. It provides clear and detailed guidance on current policy and regulatory requirements that apply to this form of development. It outlines the process and issues to be considered when developing existing buildings for residential purposes and applies these procedures to four common building types, which typically reflect the buildings (or parts of buildings) that are lying vacant in towns and cities all over Ireland today. It provides further guidance on the
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Ending A Tenancy – Termination Notices

When Can You End A Tenancy? In the first 6 months If a tenancy has lasted less than 6 months, the landlord can end the tenancy and does not have to give a ground as to why the tenancy is ending. Click HERE for Termination Notice in the First 6 Months End of a Part 4  Landlords can end a tenancy at the end of a Part 4 and do not have to give a ground as to why the tenancy is ending, other than requiring the property back. Click HERE for Termination Notice End of Part 4 Other grounds
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