RTB Annual Registration – Now Law

April 2022

New legislation commenced 4th April 2022 requires landlords to register their tenancies with the RTB every year, within one month of the anniversary of when the tenancy began.


The RTB’s registration system will notify landlords in advance of the yearly anniversary to the address given but we recommend that you put a calendar in place to ensure that you know in advance when it is required.  It is important to note that reminder notices will be issued to the existing correspondence details held and landlords must ensure that they keep their details up to date with the RTB.


There will be a four-month transition period for tenancies which have renewal anniversaries between 4 April and 3 July 2022. This transition period ends on 3 August 2022


A temporary fee waiver may apply when registering further Part 4 tenancies in certain circumstances. A further Part 4 tenancy comes into being when a tenancy has lasted 6 years.  For further Part 4 tenancies that exist on 4 April 2022 and in respect of which an application to register the tenancy was made prior to that date, a temporary annual registration fee waiver applies if the required fee for that application is paid by no later than midnight 3 May 2022. If this condition is met, no annual registration fee is payable for that further Part 4 tenancy for the remainder of its term or until it is terminated (whichever occurs earlier). Although no standard fee is payable, the tenancy must still be registered annually.

Landlords must register tenancies each year on time, otherwise Late Fees will be payable.

Existing Part 4 tenancies, i.e. of a duration of less than 6 years, will have to pay their fee. For instance, if a landlord registered a new tenancy in 2019, they will have to pay the annual registration by its due date in 2022.


Registration can be carried out online at www.rtb.ie/portal or by post registration form.


More information is available from the attached guidance document or on the RTB’s website www.rtb.ie/annual-registration







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